Tips on Keeping Your Floors Clean During Winter

floor.2 Jack Frost has finally arrived in the Toledo, Ohio area. And he brought harsh winter conditions with him, cold temperatures, snow, and icy roads. Freshly-fallen snow is beautiful. But after a few days it turns into dirty slush. Dirty slush, combined with rock salt, gets into your home or business and creates a mess on your floors.

Hardwood, carpeting, vinyl, and tile are all affected.

What can YOU do to prevent damage to your flooring?

  • Use mats, both inside and outside. Walk-off mats outside every entrance will work as your first line of defense. But some moisture is bound to get in, so using mats inside is a great idea too. (In your home, having a boot-tray by your entrances is a great way to allow your footwear to dry.)
  • Spot clean. Be sure to use the appropriate cleaner for the surface you’re cleaning.
  • Sweep and vacuum often. Rock salt can scratch and damage flooring.
  • Have your floors professionally cleaned regularly.

What will WE do for you?

CD Building Services provides your commercial spaces with expert cleaning (and commercial cleaning services) based on your specific needs. New builds or additions? We also do construction clean-up.

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