Summer is here… and with it comes cleaning challenges.

Is the beach calling your name? Does the heat make you long for pool-side parties?

Each season presents its own unique challenges when it comes to keeping your facility (and home) clean. Summer is no different.

Closing bell, weekend get-a-ways, barbecues, boating and long-awaited vacations have a way of distracting us from the mundane tasks such as keeping a tidy work space, decluttering desks before the weekend, etc.

Studies show that delegating dusting duty to your own employees can actually decrease morale and therefore productivity. By preventing employees from having to worry about taking out the trash or scrubbing the sinks, keeps their minds on their own duties and allows you to get the best clean possible.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service to keep your facility in tip-top shape allows well-trained professionals to properly clean and sanitize your space so that you and your employees can focus on your specific talents and tasks.

In addition to commercial cleaning services, we also offer post-construction clean-up, carpet and floor cleaning and refinishing. We work with clients in the Toledo, northwest Ohio area and in southeast Michigan.

For the deepest clean your facility has ever had, call on CD Building Services.