How to have BEAUTIFULLY clean and SHINY floors…and SAVE MONEY at the same time!

Only one thing in a building that can make your clients or patients say “WOW” and that is meticulously clean and shiny floors. However, to save money, clients often make the mistake of waiting until the floors are dull and dirty before having a cleaning crew come in and bring them back to life. Just like your car, your teeth, and your yard, your floors require consistent maintenance to keep them lasting years longer.

Left without finish, your tile or wood floors will scratch and wear prematurely, costing you more money in the long run. Finish not only makes the floors look beautiful, but it provides protection, therefore making them an “investmentrather than an expense.

When floors are not maintained regularly, the cost will rise substantially. To bring floors back to life is much more expensive than maintaining them. Frequent burnishing (ultra high-speed buffing) hardens the finish and the harder the finish the longer the wear. Burnishing is quick and inexpensive; refinishing is not. As a bonus, the floors look great all the time rather then beautiful for a short time, then dingy and dirty.

   The CD Building Services Difference
At CD Building Services, we offer “full service” cleaning, burnishing, stripping and refinishing. And by adding it to your monthly bill, you’ll find no “hidden” charges, just your floors always looking their best. This service provided regularly will cost you less money than having to restore the floors after the damage has been done.

In addition, we have expanded cleaning and building services to incorporate:

  • Windows, Partitions
  • Daytime cleaning services, emergency clean-up services
  • Monthly maintenance and cleaning reports
  • Ordering, warehousing, and delivery of all paper products, soaps, trash bags, etc.
  • Complete Floor Care, including:

Stripping, refinishing and maintenance
Host® brand dry carpet and upholstery cleaning
Hot water extraction carpet cleaning
Matting services (ordering and maintenance)

We also offer specialty services, including:

  Pest Control
  Duct Cleaning
  Air Purification
  Plant Care