Prepping for the Holidays

oct2016Believe it or not, Christmas is only two months away. That’s right- two months!

Will you be hosting a holiday party? Are you already sick of the debris from the falling leaves being tracked all over? Do you want your floors to really shine?

In addition to carpet cleaning (with the amazing HOST system), we also offer burnishing and refinishing of hard floors. Without regular maintenance, tile and wood floors become dingy and dull and can often scratch and wear prematurely. Applying a finish not only makes floors sparkle, but it provides protection. Frequent burnishing (which is simple, quick and cost-effective) hardens the finish and prevents dulling and scratches.

Some of our other services include: windows and partitions, daytime and emergency clean-up services, ordering, warehousing and delivery of cleaning supplies to clients in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

At CD Building Services, we offer a wide range of commercial cleaning and construction clean-up services to clients of all sizes. We extend unsurpassed quality and personal attention to each of our customers.

Allow CD Building Services to help prep your space for the upcoming holidays and we’ll keep you “fa la la la la-ing” all season long!