It’s Here!

Cold and flu season is officially upon us.

According to the CDC, the best way to treat colds and flu is to avoid getting them all together. And one of the best ways to prevent illness is thorough hand washing. There’s a cute little jingle used in teaching children how to properly wash their hands, that is a great reminder for adults as well.

“Top and bottom, top and bottom

In between, in between

Rub them both together, rub them both together.

They’re all clean, squeaky clean.”

In addition to careful hand washing, you should avoid touching your mouth, nose, and especially your eyes when you can’t wash your hands or if you’re in a public place and may have been exposed to germs.

The CDC also recommends avoiding sick people when you’re healthy as well as healthy people when you’re ill.

Finally, and this is where we come in, regularly clean and disinfect your home and work space! Believe it or not, your desktop is haven for nasty germs. In fact, studies show that your work area has 400 times more germs than the toilet. Why is that? Many people aren’t aware of this and therefore don’t think to clean their phones, desktops, keyboards.

Other “germy” points of contact, which require regular cleaning, include: light switches, elevator buttons, and even the water cooler.

Let us tackle your germs with our own skilled, professional, experienced hands. We use quality products and our teams have been specifically trained to “clean for better health.”

That’s right, spend this cold and flu season healthy and happy and allow us to do your dirty work. Get a free cleaning estimate today.