Your Floors Need Year-Round Attention

pool, let CD do the cleaning

Finally! Warmer weather is upon us!

No dirty, wet debris is coming in the from the snow, so WHY is it important to clean the floors during the summer months?

For one reason, increased traffic. With pleasant conditions, people are out and about more. Adults and children are spending more time outside, which means when they come in, they’re tracking in dirt and pollen.

Increased traffic may also mean more wear and tear on your floors. Regular cleaning and stain-removing will keep your floors and carpet in better condition and allow them to last longer.

Regular cleaning also provides better indoor air quality by preventing the build-up of allergens and bacteria. This helps keep your customers and employees healthy and happy.

In addition to cleaning your floors and carpets, we offer a wide variety of services to maintain your commercial space. We have satisfied clients in services across the board, including medical, educational, retail, and more in Toledo, Ohio and the surrounding areas in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

Go ahead, hit the pool. Leave your cleaning to the professionals at CD Building Services. Contact us today for a free quote!