Don’t Clean for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving only days away, we encourage you not to clean for the holidays.

Wait… what?

Instead, we recommend regularly-scheduled cleaning from our team of professionals.

The experts at CD Building Services provide deep cleaning, with state-of-the-art equipment, from an experienced staff who make it their business to clean your business.

One of the benefits of scheduled commercial cleaning services is a healthier environment. Did you know that desktops are some of the germiest places? It’s true. According to research, an average desktop harbors more than 400x the germs of a toilet seat. How often do you stop to disinfect your workspace? With frequent cleaning, not only are dust and debris eliminated but allergens and germs are reduced as well. At CD Building Services, we use environmentally safe products to clean and disinfect, providing a healthier environment for you, your employees, and your customers.

First impressions matter. Whether you’re looking to expand your staff or show off your facilities to a new client, you want your workplace to shine. Cleanliness instills confidence. It implies efficiency and attention to detail. It even implies better products and services. Regularly-scheduled cleaning allows you to make the best first impression. Every time.

And lastly, cost. Believe it or not, hiring a cleaning service actually saves money. When you factor in the cost of absenteeism and loss of productivity due to illness, having regularly-scheduled professional cleaning services saves you money. You’ll also save on out-of-pocket cleaning products. And regular cleaning cuts down on the wear and tear of office equipment, furniture, and flooring.

Beat the stress this holiday season and throughout the year. Contact the experts at CD Building Services for all of your cleaning and commercial cleaning service needs.