Construction Cleaning- Choose the Experts

Construction Cleaning, floor sweeping     Choosing the right company for post-construction cleaning is imperative. You’ve just invested so much in creating your perfect space, you want to make sure it looks just right before any of your customers see it.

So HOW do you choose the right construction cleaning service? Look for these characteristics when evaluating a potential service provider:

  • Do they have the experience to handle the job? Construction cleaning is not like other types of cleaning. It often involves large spaces, big messes, and a crew that is able to handle the job within the timeframe required. At CD Building Services, we’ve been providing expert service in Toledo and the surrounding areas in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan for decades. We have the skills and training to clean your new or renovated site so that you can be proud to open your doors.
  • Are they licensed and insured? Up-to-date licensing is a must. It provides you with the assurance that the company you’re considering has completed the proper training required by the city. It also offers legitimacy to the business. If their license is not valid or active, you may face a fine for working with a non-licensed business. CD Building Services provides you with an insured and licensed team. We’re a member of the Building Service Contractors Association International and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Do they use quality products and equipment? When you choose CD Business Services, you can be confident that we use specialized equipment and products to thoroughly clean your new space. Our vacuums are powerful enough to remove the fine dust and particles from the air and surfaces. We also use quality products to provide a safe environment for you, your employees, and your customers.

When you have new construction, you need an expert team to ready your space before opening your doors. And you can count on CD Building Services to give you the experienced, thorough, safe, cleaning you want for your business.

We proudly serve businesses (and homes) in Toledo, Ohio, and the surrounding communities. Ask for a quote today!