CD Building Services offers Knowledge, Experience and so much more…

Did you know that CD Building Services is a family-owned business that has been operating in the Toledo area for decades?

There are many benefits of working with local, family-owned businesses.

One, the family unit is a natural team. We have years of experience working together. We are innately aware of each team member’s strengths and weaknesses and how to complement working styles.

Trust is another important aspect of a successful, reliable business. Our family is strong, loving, and authentic. We trust each other and hire and retain trustworthy team members.

We can’t say enough about solidarity. It is essential for a team to have common goals. As a family, there aren’t competing agendas at play. Everyone has everyone’s best interests at heart. And it shows. The owner, Chad Didion, knows that happy team members mean higher productivity and better work. Better work means happy clients. It’s a win-win!

CD Building Services has multi-generations of experience. Chad grew up helping his parents work the business. He’s seen first-hand the dedication and hard work that has gone into it and knows what it takes to keep it going.

Kathi, Chad’s mom, has worked with CD from day one. She has so much knowledge and she offers it to everyone at CD Building Services.

For example:

It’s time to get those dirty outside windows clean! Try this:

Take 2 gallons water and about a teaspoon of ANY dishwashing soap; first, wipe down the window to remove all the grime. Then wipe again and either use a squeegee or dry cloth and wipe side to sidenot up and down.

Soon you will be singing “I CAN SEE FOR MILES AND MILES!”

For the best cleaning and commercial cleaning services in Toledo, and the surrounding areas in northwest Ohio and southeast, Michigan, call on the team at CD Building Service.