Frequently Asked Questions


Why Do We Clean?

For Sanitation and Health: Bacteria, odors, mold, germs, viruses, and allergens thrive in dust, dirt, grime, and bodily fluids. Our first priority in cleaning is for the health of our clients. Proper sweeping and dusting improves indoor air quality which contributes to a clean and healthy environment. Studies have proven that a building that is cleaned regularly and properly is healthier. Employees are sick less, have more energy, and have fewer headaches. Employees with allergies and asthma have less difficulty breathing and fewer attacks.

For Appearance: Unclean is ugly! No one likes dirt. In a clean facility, the morale of employees is higher. A clean workplace provides a positive, professional image for our clients and to their employees, customers, and patients.

For Longer Life: Dust, grit, grime, and foreign matter causes furniture, carpet, restroom fixtures, and hard floor coverings to wear out faster. Carpeting lasts years longer when cleaned regularly. Fixtures in restrooms, including toilets and sinks, can last four times longer when properly maintained and cleaned. Our clients invest a great number of dollars in their buildings – and we help keep their investment from deteriorating.


How can you reduce sickness in the workplace?

According to US germ busting microbiologist, Dr. Charles Gerba, simple steps to reduce sickness in the workplace by at least 30% can easily be implemented:

Wipe desks, telephones and all areas multiple hands touch daily with a disinfectant wipe.

In schools wiping just the desktops daily can cut down illness almost 50% according to a 3 year study by the CDC.

Phones and desktops have 400% MORE germs and bacteria than the average toilet seat!!