Never before have I sent a notice out to both our clients and staff but I believe this information is very important and I hope you take the 3 minutes to read this!

Sadly, a 46 year old lady in Hawaii died due to complications from a staph infection she contracted at work. After months of investigation, it was discovered that the company cleaning her engineering office did not clean the disease transfer points with a disinfectant and it was found that a client who sat at the conference table had indeed had an infection. Unfortunately, the woman who died had a antibiotic resistance and the infection spread, killing her.

We cannot say often enough that CLEANING FOR HEALTH IS OUR MAIN CONCERN and wiping all disease transfer points with a Hospital Grade Disinfectant is imperative in stopping the spread of disease in the workplace.

While we use Green or Environmentally friendly products wherever we can, there are currently no Green Disinfectants on the market. But when they become available, we will upgrade our products immediately.

At CD Building Services, we are committed to our team members and our clients and to raising the bar in the cleaning industry.

We don’t consider ourselves janitors or custodians, but rather cleaning professionals or cleaning specialists and in some cases life savers, as cleaning properly, as noted above, can indeed be life saving.

We believe it is our responsibility, as members of the cleaning industry and stewards of our land, to raise awareness and standards of the cleaning profession through education. We have a wonderful staff who have been with us many years. And we are so proud to offer the Toledo area with such committed and caring people.

Anything we can do to serve you better is always welcome.

Kathi Didion
CD Building Services